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Study Finds Healthy Kids’ Meal Choices are Few in U.S.

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A new study by Yale University show that ordeing a tasty and healthy meal for kids are quite difficult in nowadays society. Todays kid’s meal are tend to have large serving sizes and contain too many calories.

Under the federal nutrition guidelines, the study found that only 12 out of 3,000 meal choice combination met the requirement for the recommended amounts of fat, sodium and calories in 12 nationa’s largest food chains in U.S.

Nearly half of the kids in the study asked their parents to go to a fast food restaurant every week, and a majority of mom and dads took them. And National Restaurant Association said that quick-service restaurants should aware that nutritious offerings in kid’s mels have become the number on food trend now.

Actually, children need a lot of micro-nutrients everyday to ensure they healthy body. And they can absorb thes micro-nutrients from fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains and legumes. However, todays fast food restaurants still cannot provide all these balance meal for kids.

And a deficiency of micro-nutrients could have long term damaging effects to kid’s mental and physical development. For example, vitamin D deficiency in children which causes Rickets, an improper bone formation disease.

FKC’s supplements designed for children can promote a child’s health with the essential nutrients they need.

1) Provides essential vitamins and minerals for everyday for growth.
2) Provides essential fatty acids that compose the structure of every cell in a child’s body.
3) Provides phytonutrients from fruits & vegetables with a diverse mix of powerful antioxidants and fiber.

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Written by globalfkcn

November 10, 2010 at 9:27 am

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